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Seattle Community Network User Advisories

This is SCN's alternate web page (, used for providing information about any system problems.
Check below for status.

April 5, 2019:
We are in the middle of work on a severe and unexpected hardware problem with the incoming mail server. Problems may continue for the next few weeks at least. We're working hard on restoring full service for incoming mail and will post updates.
Also, we expect intermittent outages (including user login unavailable) of the main SCN server as migration work (noted below) continues.

March 18, 2019:
Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to engage the tech team at our sister organization 'Vancouver Community Network' to lend us additional hands to work on migrating and stabilizing SCN servers and services.
Also '5. Telnet / SSH:' below has been updated.

December 12, 2018:
We've reached another significant milestone in the migration of SCN services to a Linux-based platform for future development. All user data now has been moved from the old Sun machines to our replacement Linux servers. Although we expect this step to significantly improve reliability, you should see no change in services. A big thanks to our volunteers (one of whom is the original system designer and architect and who has been supporting SCN users for nearly 30 years and running), to our partners at Vancouver Community Network, and to you our users who have continued to support the SCN operation !
Also, (due to shortage of volunteers) the SCN servers are not regularly maintained, and wait time for any system fixes may take longer. Users are advised to preserve - in storage off of SCN servers - any data they need to safeguard, including files, email, and web site data. If you are interested in volunteering please contact volunteer-info @ scn. org.

Other longer term info is noted below.

1. Email: Some accounts have inboxes which are 'overloaded' (max 50kb allowed) and therefore email is 'blocked' due to an incoming email overload (spam etc). One way to correct that problem is to delete inbox emails with Pine (click here for a Pine tutorial if needed) and then get back to us asap so the account may be 'unblocked'.
Also please note, due to technical issues around the migration from Sun to Linux, users may eventually need to move off of Pine, and instead start using an independent email client (like Mozilla Thunderbird, PopPeeper, etc) to access mail servers through POP or IMAP protocols. Additional information and help will be posted prior to any such change.

2. Email (Spam): New policies have been implemented on the email server that eliminates about 98% of Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE, aka spam). Although a significant amount still gets through and we are working on reducing that. In addition to stricter requirements we are also more aggressively blocking some email IP addresses sent to SCN. If that is the case and the sender is not a spammer, please notify help @ scn. org, or, if that email is rejected, use scn.helpdesk @ gmail. com as a temporary workaround. Also, some email providers (like Juno) may have started blocking SCN incoming emails because of spam issues.
4/10/19: Please note, you will never receive unsolicited email from SCN suggesting that you make any reply, asking to click on any link, or suggesting you take any action with your account. So do not take any action (other than delete) unless you know the to whom you may reply, or you have requested info from help@ scn. org. You may also forward the spam email on to, including the full email header (more info may be found at '').

3. WebMail: Currently not available, and may not be for the foreseeable future.

4. 'User Websites' ( Currently 'User' websites are down, and may be down for some time, while the system is being restored after last year's crash.

5. Telnet / SSH: The "telnet" remote login service, used for connecting to SCN or other systems, is insecure, and is being retired. Please use an SSH based client to connect to SCN, and check your configuration that you are in 'ssh' mode (not 'telnet'). SSH information may be found at 'Secure Shell (SSH)'. And SSH clients (like Putty, Cyberduck, etc) for Windows and Mac may be found at 'SSH.COM' and 'free alternatives to PuTTy for Windows'.

6. SCN Website: Ongoing maintenance will involve an extensive edit of the SCN web site content, which will include removing obsolete information, links and link trees, buttons, etc. If there is some particular piece of content on which you depend, or if you find a site that is out-of-date or not available, please contact the help desk.

7. The SCN system is also undergoing much-needed maintenance, requiring significant time from our volunteers. Some of you may be experiencing longer-than-usual response times when requesting account registration changes and using other SCN services. 

8. We need your volunteer skills! If you are interested in volunteering to help with web editing, system maintenance, help desk, the computer give-away program, or something else, please contact volunteer-info @ scn. org.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may encounter and appreciate your patience.

The SCN System Team

Our mailing address is:
Seattle Community Network Association
PO Box 15942
Seattle WA 98115

We apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing with our services and appreciate your patience.

The computer give-away remains open for business! Please send inquiries to computer-giveaway @ scn. org.

- The SCN Volunteers